What helps to motivate us in the office

With so many hours being spent in the office, it’s important that we feel motivated and productive at work. Here are the 3 C’s that can help to keep us motivated and in the right zone whilst at work.


Colour can have a positive influence on motivation in the office. If the working environment is bright, airy and colourful, it can make for a more engaging place to work. It can help drive creative ideas and build a happy environment.


As a large proportion of time is spent at work, it’s important to be comfortable. The wrong desk and chair can actually de-motivate employees, as it can cause backache and sometimes absence from work. Make sure all staff have the right furniture for them. Dawson Hinds Creative Spaces offer a variety of desks, including Sit-Stand and Height Settable options and a range of ergonomic chairs.


We can sometimes underestimate how important our fellow colleagues are in helping to retain motivation in the office. Colleagues can help by being a positive influence at work, remaining happy when challenges face them or deadlines loom. By injecting enthusiasm and tackling challenges head on rather than being negative, a team can thrive.