Bench Lite

Affordable quality. Bench Lite

Like it’s big brother, desks, arranged in a line and built to last

Versatile desks, built to last, elegant in form, flexible in function, well made, solid and strong.

Built for working, for workers and for well-being. Every detail thought through and well executed. These desks create great and agile places to work.

The flexibility to alter easily to suit individual styles and needs; inherent strength to withstand a long working life.

Yet they remain stylish. Form has followed function to a degree where they enhance every space, compliment any environment, facilitate collaboration – and will do so for years to come.

Value engineered

Still a great all rounder.

When you have to value engineer a product solution to improve your margin, it’s still a great all rounder.

Frill-free but finely detailed, Bench Lite becomes whatever you need, wherever you need.
Recessed legs – free movement along the length of the bench. Single tool fitting makes adjustments a breeze

Affordable quality

Our unbreakable, personal promise: we will deliver on time, at the time agreed, and that your furniture will be snag free.

20,000 workstations are available immediately from stock. Continued investment in our plant, our processes and our people; so we may keep our promises. Without exception.

Enhanced finish

The philosophy that built Bench Lite? That it’s the little touches that turn a product from good to great. From the perfect distinctive look to the storage and cabling systems, working with Bench is as frictionless as it gets.

Metal work finishes