Modern office environments often require bench desks to make best use of available spaces but also require executive desks for senior managers. Our desks can de designed to make best use of available space and assist with any anticipated changes in the office environment including potential growth. They can be provided in a range of colours and finishes and can include cable management if requested. We are also one of the top suppliers of the modern sit/stand desk which has proven popular in the modern office as it aids hot desking and promotes well-being in the workplace. These can be provided using manual or electronic adjustment.

Our executive range of desks are very impressive for any office space and will suit any budget.


We provide a wide range of seating suitable for office environments, break out areas and canteen facilities. The health and safety and well-being of any employee is necessary for any successful business. It is with this in mind that Dawson Hinds Creative Spaces has invested significant time into training their staff on the importance of the use of good ergonomic seating and we have built close relationships with suppliers all over the world to be able to supply our clients with the best seating possible to suit employees requirements. A good ergonomic seat may reduce stress and injury to muscles and joints by encouraging movement.


The first impression of any company is visual. Therefore it is vital that any reception area provides potential suppliers or clients with confidence that the company they have chosen to connect with will fulfil, if not exceed, their expectations and aspirations. Dawson Hinds Creative Spaces will design the complete reception area from the reception desk to the client seating, considering many different styles and finishes.


Employee break out areas can prove to be beneficial not only for the employee but also the company as it facilitates rest and relaxation away from the office space. Our client requirements range from soft seating to pods to the provision of fusball tables and pool tables. All of our break out furniture can be provided in a range of colours and fabrics to suit the decoration of the space.


The efficient use of space in the modern office is essential and as such all of our desks also come with a diverse range of office storage. Our extensive range of additional storage solutions allows the client to maximise the utilisation of space within the office environment. All of our storage options complies with industry standards and hold manufacturers’ warranties and are therefore certified to withstand heavy usage. The storage units can be provided to complement all desking options and include flexible shelving and are fully lockable to ensure optimum security.


The provision of a comfortable yet practical eating area is a necessity for any work environment. It is important that employees take adequate breaks throughout their working day and feel relaxed. This helps to promote a happy and efficient team.  Our vast array of canteen / bistro furniture is ideal for small eating areas as well as for the larger environments. Stackable and easy clean chairs and tables are popular in environments where the canteen area may be required for other usage. For those lucky enough to have a permanently assigned canteen area the modern bench system is ideal as well as our new designer range of bistro seating and accompanying tables.

Meeting Tables

Depending on the size and type of business, meeting rooms can also be classified as conference suites or boardrooms. Regardless of this we can provide a table which suits the environment. These can range from a basic rectangular or round table to barrel shaped desks available in executive styles or a modern contemporary finish. Alternatively if the meeting room needs to be used for multiple purposes we can provide flexible foldable tables which can be stored easily using little space.